Crowd-funding sites….when to use them.

So there has been a lot of “campaigns” going around lately that have been using crowd-funding sites such as kickstarter, gofundme, idiegogo, etc. to gain material items that they “want”. These kind of funding sites should be used for extraneous circumstances, fundraising, help with unexpected medical bills, etc….things that people NEED.  These people could be on the verge of losing everything they have, and all you are worried about is a stupid piece of material technology.

I’ve seen chasers post up a campaign asking for $20,000 to make a DVD….A DVD!!!.  Oh, I’m sorry….to obtain the equipment to make a storm DVD.  You have a camera, right?  It works, right?  Then all you need to do is go to Walmart and buy a pack of blank discs and voila!  There you go.  Others have posted that they “need” a camera or need a car to go chase in. They “work hard” but don’t work.  Get up off your lazy @$$ and get yourself a job, save your money, and EARN IT. Things are much better enjoyed when you actually earn them.  Stop asking for handouts and quit begging for money.  “Times are tough”.  Say they are, but that means that you can’t always get what you want.  You need to focus on what NEEDS to have money invested…such as bills, food, essentials, etc.  Material goods are not essentials.  I work hard for my money, and even with a full time job that is a career, I still work hard to save for anything that I want…and that takes time.  Quit thinking you are entitled to everything.  It will get you nowhere.


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