Goodbye, Winter!

Last winter was #stupidcold.  This winter?  #stupidice.

Tennessee was hit with 3 major winter storms in 3 weeks.  Two of these were major ice events.  The third was a sleet and snow threat with a hint of freezing rain.  Being from up north, I am definitely use to the cold that is associated with winter.  I’m even accustomed to snow…and lots of it.  I’ve also had my share of ice.  Tennessee is a completely different story.  People will freak out if there is snow in the forecast.  When it does snow, a lot of people will not exercise cautious driving.  Ice?  Forget about it.  No offense to my fellow Tennesseans, but the main reason I stay home and off of the roads during these kinds of events is due to the lack of said cautious driving.  Slow down.  Take your time.  Don’t slam on your brakes or accelerate too fast.

This winter has been my first to try and do winter weather forecasting.  Definitely a lot different than severe weather forecasting, but I have learned a lot comparing how I interpreted the model data to what the National Weather Service and other local meteorologists thought.  I enjoyed the challenge, and believe I succeeded for the most part in creating winter weather forecasts that were similar to other mets and it definitely gave me a boost of confidence in my forecasting abilities.

Now that the weather models aren’t showing a crashing pool of arctic air, it looks like spring can finally arrive and thaw out those who were under winter’s deep cold grasp.  My attention now shifts to severe weather.  I cannot wait to get back out there…be it in dixie or the plains.  I need my storms and I need them soon.


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