Crowd-funding sites….when to use them.

So there has been a lot of “campaigns” going around lately that have been using crowd-funding sites such as kickstarter, gofundme, idiegogo, etc. to gain material items that they “want”. These kind of funding sites should be used for extraneous circumstances, fundraising, help with unexpected medical bills, etc….things that people NEED.  These people could be on the verge of losing everything they have, and all you are worried about is a stupid piece of material technology.

I’ve seen chasers post up a campaign asking for $20,000 to make a DVD….A DVD!!!.  Oh, I’m sorry….to obtain the equipment to make a storm DVD.  You have a camera, right?  It works, right?  Then all you need to do is go to Walmart and buy a pack of blank discs and voila!  There you go.  Others have posted that they “need” a camera or need a car to go chase in. They “work hard” but don’t work.  Get up off your lazy @$$ and get yourself a job, save your money, and EARN IT. Things are much better enjoyed when you actually earn them.  Stop asking for handouts and quit begging for money.  “Times are tough”.  Say they are, but that means that you can’t always get what you want.  You need to focus on what NEEDS to have money invested…such as bills, food, essentials, etc.  Material goods are not essentials.  I work hard for my money, and even with a full time job that is a career, I still work hard to save for anything that I want…and that takes time.  Quit thinking you are entitled to everything.  It will get you nowhere.


Goodbye, Winter!

Last winter was #stupidcold.  This winter?  #stupidice.

Tennessee was hit with 3 major winter storms in 3 weeks.  Two of these were major ice events.  The third was a sleet and snow threat with a hint of freezing rain.  Being from up north, I am definitely use to the cold that is associated with winter.  I’m even accustomed to snow…and lots of it.  I’ve also had my share of ice.  Tennessee is a completely different story.  People will freak out if there is snow in the forecast.  When it does snow, a lot of people will not exercise cautious driving.  Ice?  Forget about it.  No offense to my fellow Tennesseans, but the main reason I stay home and off of the roads during these kinds of events is due to the lack of said cautious driving.  Slow down.  Take your time.  Don’t slam on your brakes or accelerate too fast.

This winter has been my first to try and do winter weather forecasting.  Definitely a lot different than severe weather forecasting, but I have learned a lot comparing how I interpreted the model data to what the National Weather Service and other local meteorologists thought.  I enjoyed the challenge, and believe I succeeded for the most part in creating winter weather forecasts that were similar to other mets and it definitely gave me a boost of confidence in my forecasting abilities.

Now that the weather models aren’t showing a crashing pool of arctic air, it looks like spring can finally arrive and thaw out those who were under winter’s deep cold grasp.  My attention now shifts to severe weather.  I cannot wait to get back out there…be it in dixie or the plains.  I need my storms and I need them soon.

Welcome to DualPolWeather!

I finally decided to hop on the weather blog train.  I know a lot of chasers have blogs for an outlet of thoughts and to post chase logs.  After nearly 6 years of chasing, I figured I would give it a try.

What is behind the name DualPolWeather?  Not much really.  It is just a clever (in my opinion anyways) way to tie in weather terminology with my last name, Poling.  I can’t take credit for the name as it was thought of by another chaser friend, but they have allowed me to use it haha.

So where do I begin?  Well, let’s start with what got me into storm chasing, shall we?

I remember always being into weather.  As a small child, I was actually afraid of storms.  I was about 10 years old when things turned around.  Twister came out just before my 10th birthday, and as a way to try and curb my fear of storms, my parents took me to see the movie.  However, I don’t think they meant to turn my fear into something I can’t get enough of!  I was intrigued.  That fear turned into curiosity.  Growing up in the Chicago viewing area (NW Indiana) I was used to watching Tom Skilling on WGN giving the weather forecast.  I would pretend to give my own forecasts when no one was around haha.  I would stand in front of the television with the house phone…the old ones with the pull-out metal antennae. I would use the antennae to point out stuff on my ‘forecast’.  I knew early on in high school that I wanted to go into meteorology when I go to college, and I knew where I wanted to go…and applied to only one college.  In 2004, I started my meteorology degree at Valparaiso University.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  Sophomore year was the true test for all met majors.  I unfortunately did not pass that test.  I did not do as well as I had hoped in Calculus, and therefore did not continue with a meteorology degree.  I instead opted for a Geoscience degree which was an interdisciplinary degree combining geology, geography, and meteorology.  I graduated in May 2008 and moved to the Nashville area 5 months later after accepting a job there.  I would start chasing a few months later.

So there is the little background story on how I got my start in weather and chasing.